Sunrise Hue

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Style Description

True to its name but with added glow- Sunrise Hue is all shades of tan, brown, camel and yellow Italian Nappa and dashed with patented snakeskin embossed design, coolly brightening to our signature barcode in the outer and inner sole.


About the Product-

The product offered by Z-aglet is leather sneakers that falls under the category of casual/funky that are fashionable and atypical. The products offered by the brand are design oriented without sacrificing quality. They are designed in Italy and Spain and curated and handcrafted in India. The sneakers are crafted using high quality milled Nappa leather that are evenly grained. The materials used in the making of the shoes have been procured from all around the world, hence, providing a world-class experience for the wearer’s feet.


Size Chart

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