About us

Z Aglet is a leather sneaker brand bespoke of luxury, intricate craftsmanship, and pure sense of style for the wearer. Each piece is a work of art and is aimed to bestow a unique identity to its own, hence our logo is embedded in a barcode- unique yet characteristic, apt to attribute an identity and there is one for each. Whilst the art inspired, culturally evolved designs bring a state-of-the art feel, the locally grown craftsmanship honed over the years of perfection adds the final touch of opulence to its creation.
Z Aglet is a 100% finest leather, handcrafted shoe brand which sources all its ingredients from sustainable sources, and as its namesake AGLET-the minutest part of the shoe, the brand personifies the keen attention to detail in each shoe it offers. 


We aim to open at least 20 independent stores by the end 2024 and introduce our product in major luxury multi-brand outlets.


We envision producing such products that are more than a piece of fashion article for the user- we aim to capture the market yet unexplored and capture the gap that exists -for ones who are keen on retaining their individuality.