A story of a brand born-out of a generation gap.

A brand bridging the two generations, trying to tame this chaotic world with their antics and experiences of living in the 21st century.

Z-Aglet is for the people who have developed pop culture, yes, yet is also for the ones who detoxified its initial message with time. Z-Aglet is for all who deserve and fiercely want to be themselves and would settle for no one else. They aspire resilience, ease and betterment rather than the idealism of “one size fits all”. It’s a brands that re-instates the #beyou movement with its statement #ownyourbarcode . It recognizes the human aspect of a being. The  emphasis is on the individual grain, pattern and fingerprint rather than a unnatural plastic smoothness.

It embodies the need to be a better version of oneself, and embrace the au naturale simultaneously.

Z-Aglet demolishes the trendy and hype culture iconry. We own things to put them to use. We don't emphasize on our products to be trendy, or seasonal- they’re timeless and fashionable, to be a part of an era rather than a season.

Our ideal customer is a person of commitment, not labile.

Z-Aglet is built to last you a lifetime. It is brand to resonate nostalgia. Whether it is reliving your first job after university or the first time get-together after years of being out of touch with your friends from way back.


The monotony and thrill of life both wear off over time, and keeping the bottled memories like a scent, opening them at leisurely moments and once you smell the nostalgia, you know that this is not the end of it.

Our life cannot be compared or shared: it is our own story, our own feelings and our own adventure.


We put these stories together, creating our own Z-Aglet family in this world running on pure chaos, to relive a moment that passed.


We want to hear your story, your experience, and your memory rekindled when you had worn our shoe.