Not a usual spark

Shoe- Firework Sparkle


Festive seasons bring out the emotions in everyone, combine that with someones anniversary and you get a whole lot of euphoria and melancholy. I was a bit apprehensive at first because you know its your sibling first anniversary/Diwali celebrations all at once and you have been unsuccessful at finding your own place in life. I kept on thinking to myself whether I should just skip it, but who am I to call the shots, everyone in my family was stoked to see at least one sibling settling down, and by that they mean to get married. I am still young trying to understand what I like or dislike but the pressure of age doesn't help with constant reminders of my cousins getting married and having children. A day before the festivities everyone decided to exchange gifts as a pre-celebration. The females of my house mostly got jewelry and the men were getting all sorts of gifts that they never thought they needed. I got these shoe from new brand that I had never heard of before, the product seemed to be very well made. It was a perfect match for the event I was supposed to attend the next day evening. The only things that make sense to me are my outfits nowadays. Thanks to the god of gifts, as I received something that I might actually use otherwise I would have to simply re-gifted it to someone. The suede of the shoe matched perfectly with the blue color of my Kurta and it was out there for the right reasons. The affair was set on a sunset spot where we were going to celebrate my cousins 1st anniversary, all of my friends and family were there, we had planned to wear something formal but without making a big fuss about it, I decided to wear my Kurta that I got when I went to Jaipur and the new pair shoes that my uncle had gifted me. I was amazed on how I looked since I paired my sneakers with my kurta, I never had looked more indo-western than that day, since I was mixing in streetwear culture with a formal occasion. In the end everything looked monochromatic which is what I liked. I wish my life would have been as in sync as my outfit. It was a half an hour drive up the hill to the monument next to which the party was being held. The family decided to go for full Indian theme with, different snacks from parts of India were to be served. I had plenty of food to the point when I felt that I wont be able to have dessert, which to me is the best part of a meal. I often wondered whether people who like desserts are bitter by nature or maybe they seek actual sweetness since life never was coated in sugar. I was tired so I planned on taking a walk by the gardens in the venue, to my surprise it was actually the best spot. There in some distance I heard someone humming, it was almost a bit eerie since the old monument was next to me and the sun was about to set. I walked further and saw a faint silhouette of a girl sitting on the edge of the garden, she had wavy hair that had ben let down probably, she was wearing a Lehenga, she was singing some old Bollywood song, It almost reminded me of a song I use to dance to when I was around four with one of my best friends, I had closed my eyes that very moment to almost feel a deja-vu at will. Then at that very moment I heard the jingle of her jewellery she had worn, It was probably her earrings that made the sound, after the jingle I heard nothing but I still kept my eyes closed as I was continuously trying to re-call the memory I had almost forgotten. Faint bird noises could be heard in the background with a gentle breeze brushing our cheeks, the sun was setting down slow, painting me a picture that I couldn't even dream.  While my eyes were closed I felt her looking at me for a few passing moments. I soon heard her calling me by the name that my friend from my old house use to call me, her voice was recognizable but the pitch wasnt. Then I remembered it was her, it really was.