Man Bug

A wave of nostalgia is hitting me as the leaves fall. The reminiscence of the past memories, the recall of the events, the songs…. the cup of coffee gets cold, forgotten under my train of never ending thread of déjà vu.

I have come back to India after a 4 long years, to my home. Having a job abroad though has its perks; it gets lonely and untreatable sometimes. You start missing things, and like Amortentia, you derive the smell of things you love from these memories, this nostalgia. Being home feels nice.

My friends are coming over to meet me, my mom is more excited than she lets on, and everything has a festive touch to it. My friend has brought Les Miserable musical which we use to watch (and sing along) during college days. It’s movie time! We sing together like good ol’ days:

Red, the blood of angry men!

Black- the dark of ages past!

Red, a world about to dawn!

Black, the night that ends at last!

We drink and eat and laugh. We go for a quick stroll to the mall nearby.

A shoe catches my eye.. Its Red and Black, very feisty (song still playing in my head). I try it on, comfy and very chic; interestingly it’s called Man Bug.

I put it on and keep my trainers.

What with feeling of home, friends and nostalgia together- the Man Bug still holds a special place in my wardrobe, like Amortentia, it brings me back the memory of the night we sang the Red & Black song from Les Miserable. I wear it again and again with different outfits (it goes surprisingly well with most).


I am back to work and whenever I wear this shoe, It transforms me to that night, the colors calling to me..

To be struck to the bone

In a moment of breathless delight!

Had you been there today,

You might also have known

How the world may be changed,

In just one burst of light!

Red.. I feel my soul on fire!

Black, my world if she's not there!

Red, the color of desire!

Black, is the color of despair!