Being A Tourist In Your Own City

The idea of rediscovering is explored through a journey amidst the obvious in this Z Aglet campaign.

The campaign is shot in the streets of Valencia, Spain yet away from the obvious ‘famous’ landmarks. It is a celebration of exploring your inner self through the familiarity of your own surrounding to which one becomes oblivious with time.

Z Aglet’s mantra of owning your personality, being true in your own unique skin and discovering what you are-is inculcated in the shoot through locals roaming in the streets of Valencia but with the eyes of a tourist. Someone who discovers a new world in an apparent phase of life- which awakens them.   

Z Aglet is also introducing its unisex collection- the sneakers would now be available in female sizes as well. The sneaker collection is symbolic to Valencia, its beauty and culture (through bright colorful ones) and of human nature and depth (through monochromatic ones); thus beautifully fusing to a timeless collection dedicated to comfort, culture and celebrating one’s own self.

An ode to the unsung pleasures of your home, the familiarity and rejoicing classic things- ones that are often overlooked in the hustle- is paid through this collection /campaign. The sneakers are fully curated in the western  Europe and handmade in the hands of most talented artisans of India, made from 100% sustainable Italian Nappa leather and a clean supply chain. The quality of each component and minute attention to the process, gives a touch of old school shoemakers to Z Aglet, where each pair was handmade with meticulous details and were uniquely styled to the buyer.

Z Aglet utilizes the culture of old European streets, and presents you the travel collection.

Supremely Comfortable. Unique. Classic. Bold.